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Communist Huron Confederacy
Flag of a fictional country I made up in EU4.

Essentially the Huron Confederacy, an Indian state similar to the Iroquoi Confederacy, located on the banks of Lake Erie. Over 300 years it expands in territory from a small state, firstly expanding and taking what is Quebec City and Montreal. Eventually taking most of New England, especially what is today Manhattan. This becomes the reason of many wars during the European Colonial Era. Meanwhile it expanded into Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and Minnesota, greatly expanding its land area. it also claimed Greenland as its own territory. Greenland was settled quite easily thanks to the last Greenlandic state dieing off about 100 years ago.

During this time, France and Britain start numerous wars over Huronian New England, especially what is New York. Huron fought the Europeans with hardships, however due to the lack of development and low-quality roads made European armies very limited in what they could use, and eventually Huron got on par with Europe in weapons technology. Eventually after the 3rd Huronian-British War, Europe stopped attacking the Huron Confederacy, accepting that "the native savages" could hold out against Europe. Eventually it became technologically on par with Europe. Meanwhile French possessions in East America broke off and formed "The Federation of American States" or "FAS". It broke off for the same reasons as America did in our timeline. Only difference was, that it became a parliamentary monarchy, unlike France which held an absolute monarchy.

The FAS and Huron Confederacy grew close, as the Hurons had helped them break off from France in thier 10-year long war for independence. This was the start of "The Huron Golden Age" in which new technology slowly modernized the Huron Confederacy and colonized the West. This lasted for 50 years and ended in 1823. Greenland was fully settled, Midwestern Canada was colonized.

After that the Industrial Revolution took the world by storm, and American decolonization occurred. And soon new ideas sprout up, and that also meant the birth of Marxism. The Huron Federation was the first to fall to Marxism in 1898 thanks to it being one of the closest ideal examples of Marxism, and eventually made its own version of Marxism called "Antinanacoism"
,and eventually supported more groups like the "American Peoples Party" in the FAS or "Nova Quebecoi" in the Quebec Republic.
Feli Solar System
 - Feli A Blue Giant; 400 million years, 5 Sol Radius, 5.09 Solar Masses (only got 5 million years to live, everything is fucked up thier alien asses)
 - Feli B Yellow Dwarf; 12 Billion Years, .89 Sol Radius, .99 Sol Masses

 - Yerevin is molten hellhole that rains liquid carbon, and its moon its much like father, like son. Temperature on Yerevin is 500 degrees... hotter than Venus. This Mars-sized hellhole also has an atmosphere of carbon, hydrogen monoxide, and gaseous silicon
 - Urinticus has a semi-stable climate, and is what is called as a "super earth", scientists  have extracted alien bacteria samples from this planet and her moon Ugasi, a desert moon half the size of Mercury. Urinticus also has a stable temperature of 80 degrees and most life is bacterial, and has also proven the "purple earth" theory to be true The most distant moon is about the size of Texas and Oklahoma and is mineral-rich in iron and a coal-like substance.

 - Ash is a world that looks like Arizona and New Mexico had a baby, lots of mesas and plateaus, with one large body of water, scientists have also saved various plant life species. This planet has an atmosphere purely O2, with some Carbon and Helium vapor.

 - Mentillia is a purple gas giant that is about the size of Neptune, and has no moons or rings, it is believed it did have these things early one, but as gas was pushed away form the center by Feli A and B. It is also believed as a missing link between "super-jupiters" and brown dwarfs planets is allowing for simple hydrogen and helium fission.


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